10 Health Benefits of Fresh Air that you Must Know

10 Health Benefits of Fresh Air that you Must Know 1. Fresh Air Improves Learning 2. Fresh Improves Function of the Lungs 3. Fresh Air Decrease Anxiety and Makes You Happier 4. Fresh Air Improves Blood Pressure and Heart Rate 5. Fresh Air Decreases Survival of Bacteria and Strengthen your Immune System 6. Increase rates and quality of growth and plants and animals 7. Fresh air is Importance to a Child 8. Fresh Air Help Us To Sleep Better 9. Importance of Fresh Air in the House 10. Fresh Air Helps the Wound Faster


Air essential for life; fresh air is essential for good health. It is precious life-giving oxygen to sustain life. Without Air, man dies. Air is the most vital element for man and animals. You can live 4 to 6 weeks without food, 5 to 7 days without water but the deprived air you will perish within a minute.

The American Lung Association has the slogan “When you can’t breathe, nothing else matters.” Very true. Air is a true gift from God, and we can’t live long without it.

            How much fresh air do we need a day?

A perfect circulation with adequate oxygen means perfect health because air electrifies the whole system of the body. A healthy Adult needs to have or need to consume at least 3 pounds of food, 3 pounds of fluids and 6 pounds of oxygen that consume 25% of the blood oxygen supply and bathes the tissues in life-giving oxygen.