10 Health Benefits of Fresh Air that you Must Know

10 Health Benefits of Fresh Air that you Must Know 1. Fresh Air Improves Learning 2. Fresh Improves Function of the Lungs 3. Fresh Air Decrease Anxiety and Makes You Happier 4. Fresh Air Improves Blood Pressure and Heart Rate 5. Fresh Air Decreases Survival of Bacteria and Strengthen your Immune System 6. Increase rates and quality of growth and plants and animals 7. Fresh air is Importance to a Child 8. Fresh Air Help Us To Sleep Better 9. Importance of Fresh Air in the House 10. Fresh Air Helps the Wound Faster


              Be Aware of Air Pollution at Home

Besides the air pollution in the cities, you can have a problem right in your home. Indoor air may be up to five times more polluted than outdoor air that can cause or increase the risk of a respiratory problem with your family. Home pollution’s include:

  • Mold and Mildew are hazardous to our health
  • Damp Basement living areas have mold on the walls
  • Bleach, since bleach is toxic
  • Commercial cleaning products
  • Carbon Monoxide has no smell but it is a killer
  • Smoking inside the house
  • Radon gas comes from uranium in the soil and rocks
  • Herbicides and pesticides fumes that are used in the plants that store in your house

In order to prevent this, we must ventilate our house especially our laundry room, ask smokers to have their puffs outside, avoid dangers of secondhand smoke, fight mold or mildew using water or a mold cleaner and be aware of any harmful chemicals in your house.