This funny looking root that comes from the Andes in Peru and it is like Viagra for both men and women. This root will help to build testosterone in men and in women it will help to balance our hormones during menopause while giving us energy and making us feel frisky.
This root is classified as an adaptogen and “Adaptogens” are an extraordinary group of herbs that can help to balance out the body. If you need energy, they will give you energy but if you need sleep, they will help you sleep. They give the body what it is missing. There are about 18 known adaptogens in the world. If you can add one or several of these incredible herbs to your regimen the healthier you will be because these guys decrease your cellular damage caused by stress so that you can age more gracefully and have less wrinkles as you do so.

Maca will also help with infertility, and it builds up your body’s immune system. This is also contains 18 of the essential amino acids that are the building blocks to protein, so it can help keep your hair and nails healthy, and it can help alleviate your symptoms of anxiety and depression.

Maca is also full of omega-3 oils that help to lubricate your joints and skin.
Maca can be bought in capsules and in powder form. You can add the powder to your morning drink or sprinkle it on cereal. It tastes like malt so here is a quick drink that you can take in the morning to get your engine running hot all day long.

2 cups of almond milk
2 tsps. of maca powder
1 banana
3-4 cocoa bits
Agave syrup to taste

Blend all ingredients with a few pieces of ice and enjoy.


It is Viagra in an herb. Horny Goat also helps with erectile dysfunction and increases the blood flow to the capillaries and other areas that need blood. It also inhibits estrogen production while increasing your testosterone.
If you are a man and you are starting to get a little chubby and feel like you are developing man boobs it is because you have too much estrogen in your body. When you decrease the estrogen levels, your body will lean out and the doughy look will disappear. The cool thing is that there are no side effects when you take this weed, and it won’t interfere with your medication. I like the fact that it stimulates both males and females, so you both can feel aroused at the same time and enjoy the sexual fireworks.
They have also found that it helps with brain traumas and dementia so imagine an herb that will help your libido plus you will be able to remember everything on your to do list.


This antioxidant rich fruit has been admire as a symbol of health, fertility, and eternal life for a very long time. These seeds will benefit the heart and the blood vessels because they increase the speed that heart blockages melt away. In a study of 84 patients who drank a glass a day, they found that their blood pressure lowered by 12% and plaque by 30% and those who did not drink the juice saw their plaque levels rise by 9%.
It can build up your testosterone for both men and women. They help with depression and also help to lower your cholesterol levels. By drinking a glass a day you can help lower your cholesterol, protect your skin with some potent antioxidants, and it will keep you feeling turned on and sexy all day long.

4 cups of baby spinach
½ cup of pomegranate juice
½ cup of blueberries frozen
½ cup of strawberries frozen
4 dates, cut in half
1 tablespoon of flaxseed, ground
½ avocado, optional
Blend all the ingredients together and enjoy.


These ebony color beans are very helpful because of the wonderful things they can do to help your mind and body. L-dopa is an amino acid that your body needs to make Dopamine for your brain. The neurotransmitter Dopamine is responsible for giving you that wonderful feeling of joy. If you feel like you always have a cloud over your head and just can’t seem to shake it, then you might want to consider taking Dopa Mucona because your dopamine levels may be low. It will also help you to sleep and it stops the nightly chatter in your head before bed so you can go right to sleep.

In India and Brazil, Dopa-Mucona is known as a powerful aphrodisiac because it helps build up testosterone in the body. It also builds up the Human Growth Hormone (HGH) in your body, so you get two powerful hormones to help stimulate your libido and give you a sense of joy. When you ingest the Dopa Mucona, the body is able to assimilate the HGH and use it: yet, if you take HGH in capsules it can cause inflammation because it has been forced into the body, and the body doesn’t know how to use it.

Imagine feeling friskier, joyful, and getting a really good night’s rest. Your sleep will improve and your mood will improve exponentially because the L-dopa takes away the cloud and improves your sleep. It also calms your nervous system and balances out all your hormones. L-Dopa Mucona can be purchased in pill form or in powder form and some muscle powders are adding it to their mixes as well. I would recommend taking 1-2 capsules a day to keep those ugly clouds away, so you can feel sexy and sunny every day. If you are having a problem with depression along with the black clouds, you might want to add 5HTP (which helps build up your serotonin levels) with the L-dopa so that you can balance out two neurotransmitters instead of one and really see the sun breaking through the clouds.

One way to tell if your dopamine levels are low is if you crave sugar. Sugar burns up your dopamine so if you eat a lot of refined carbohydrates you will start losing your natural joy. Sugar gives you a temporary feeling of joy, but it is short lived and then it makes the problem worse, so you will crave more hoping that you will feel well again. I recommend taking L-dopa to stop the craving for sugar and then trying to look for things in your life that give you sweetness and joy


This incredibly sexy bark that comes from the Congo region of Africa possesses some very exciting properties. This bark can help with erectile dysfunction like other herbs can but what is ground-breaking is that it also helps with erectile dysfunction that is worsened or caused by taking anti-depressants, heart pressure medicine, or from being diabetic. A lot of these medications make it very difficult for herbs to help with erectile dysfunction but this one does not interfere with the medication. It bypasses the medication and increases blood flow only to the groin area. How exciting is that?

This herb also has the ability to help women who have lost their desire for sex because of their anti -depressants or other medications that they are taking. We women don’t have to worry about getting it up but if our heart and minds are not in it we might as well call it a day because we won’t get excited. This herb helps you to get aroused while it gets your mind and body to get in sync so all you have to do is kick back and enjoy the ride.
How is this incredible bark able to help diabetics and people on high blood pressure medicine? It works because it contains a chemical called “yohimbine,” which can increase blood flow and nerve impulses to the penis or vagina. This increases desire and stamina without interfering with medication or elevating the heart rate. I am very excited about this herb because I have tried to help patients with erectile dysfunction who is taking these medications and the results were not that great until recently. This bark can also help with weight loss and energy. Weightlifters use it to improve their workout performances. I know it seems like this is a miracle herb, but I would really like to emphasize the benefits for people suffering from erectile dysfunction and how exciting it is to get your desire back for both men and women.

Now with Yohimbe you can be calm, cool, and collected, while still enjoying a wonderful sex life. This bark can be purchased online and many health food stores in tincture, powders, and tablets. Take the Yohimbe daily to clear out the blood vessels and build up desire and stamina.


These berries can keep your man’s prostate healthy and keep him virile for a long time. Many men experience benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) when they start getting older which is caused by their prostates swelling up. BPH can lead to a myriad of symptoms like increased urinary frequency, a weak urination stream, and difficulty initiating urination. Saw Palmetto can help with these symptoms and in many countries like Germany, Italy, and Austria this herb is the first line of defense against BPH.
Here in the USA, men are usually prescribed Flomax to help with their symptoms and some of the yucky side effects of taking Flomax are a dry mouth, abnormal ejaculation, dizziness, runny nose, and a sore back. Saw Palmetto, on the other hand, has no known side effects. Saw Palmetto can also raise testosterone which will cause a higher libido. It will also reduce hair loss and it helps to build muscle tissue because it is so high in essential fatty acids that bind to the protein molecules to build muscle mass.


This herb has been used for thousands of years in Traditional Chinese Medicine as an aphrodisiac and a libido booster. It has the ability to help the body to produce nitric oxide which helps the body to send blood to the penis, so you can have stronger and longer lasting erections. If your problem is premature ejaculation this herb will help you to prolong your erection for a longer time. Cnidium Monnier is yellow seeds that come from the same family as the carrot and fennel.
This will also help women because they can send blood to your clitoris so that it engorges and it becomes very sensitive. You will have some wonderful orgasms and these sexy seeds will put you in the mood for more and more. Another nice side effect of taking Cnidium is that it helps with vaginal dryness and because the clitoris feels so sensitive it can help with frigidity too.

This libido enhancer also helps to strengthen your bones and is a warming tonic for the whole body, so it also has a gentle strengthening effect on the entire body. These can also promote vigor and give the body a nice sense of wellbeing and will hopefully put a smile on your face.


This herb grows in Mexico and Texas. They have used it as an aphrodisiac and a sexual rejuvenator for men who suffer with impotence. What I like about Damiana is that it is a general tonic for the body, so it can help with exhaustion and overall weakness. Damiana can build up your strength and energy and hopefully then you will start to desire intimacy. It is hard to want sex when you are just completely exhausted and weak all the time.
This herb can also help calm down your nervous system and help with depression and anxiety. They have even found it very helpful for people who suffer from obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD) because it can help calm the racing mind and settle anxiousness.

This can also regulate the level of female hormones in the body, so it can help with menopause and hot flashes.
This herb can be used alone or in conjunction with similar herbs to make it more powerful. They say it works well will Saw Palmetto that helps the prostate and for some men it gave them a mild sense of euphoria.


This herb is sometimes called “Puncture vine,” and it has been used for centuries in Asia and in Eastern Europe. In Asia, it has been used as a libido enhancer in both men in women because it helps to increase testosterone in the body. Tribulus produces a steroid called “protodiosin” that converts androgen into testosterone or estrogen, whichever the body needs, so it helps balance the hormones.
The vine also produces DHEA which is the precursor for all the hormones in the body, so it makes sure that your testosterone keeps on being produced by the body. If your testosterone is low, it can raise the testosterone to a normal level, and it can keep it there for quite a while. The reason I said for a while is because I want you to take Tribulus for 2-3 months every day and then stop for a month and then go back on again. If you go off it for a while, it lets the body know that it can’t rest on its laurels and has to keep on making testosterone. The body will go on vacation and stop doing its work if you keep on giving the body what it is missing.

We want the body to start working again and not always be relying on herbs, creams, or pills. We just want to give it a loving push to get going again.
Many of the herbal formulas that they sell have Tribulus in it, and it is a good thing. I do like it mixed with other herbs and not just on its own to give it a bigger punch. The dosage is 85-250mg, 3 times a day, for 3 months, and then off for a month, and then back on for another 3 months.


The Ginkgo Biloba tree has been around for over 15-20 million years, and its leaves have been used in Chinese medicine for thousands of years. The leaves are known to help with circulation and to get oxygen and nutrients to every part of your body to promote longevity. There have been many studies done on how it can help with memory and cognitive abilities, but they have also been doing research on how it helps with getting blood down to the male sex organ and how it can help with infertility and erectile dysfunction.

This herb can also help with asthma, allergies, and it can relax the lungs when they are in a state of inflammation because it delivers pure oxygen to those cute lungs. It can also help with peripheral vascular disease, and it breaks up platelets and helps the blood to flow more freely.
There are side effects to this herb. Please do not take it if you are on a blood thinner or are prone to seizures but for the rest of us we should be taking at least 40-80 milligrams, 3 times a day, so we will be sharp and alert all the time.