7 Dangerous Food Combinations that Can Ruin and Damaged your Health

7 Dangerous Food Combinations that Can Ruin and Damaged your Health 1. Sandwiches and Coffee 2. Potatoes with Meat 3. Tomatoes with Cucumber 4. Beer with Nuts 5. Pasta with Minced Meat 6. Dairies with Pineapples 7. Milk with Banana


1. Sandwiches and Coffee

Pretty much everyone starts their day with a quick cup of coffee and a couple of sandwiches. When there’s no time such a simple breakfast on the go is a great and common solution, for some of us it has already become a part of our daily morning life routine or part of our ritual.

Unfortunately, when you say hello to cheese sandwiches and coffee, you also say goodbye with all the healthy properties of cheese. The main reason is that the simple carbs in bread prevent calcium from being digested properly and bringing help to your nervous and cardiovascular system.

Moreover, if you add instant coffee there will never be a benefit to your health at all. Don’t worry there is a solution for all of those cheese sandwich lovers. Just try to replace coffee with white or green tea. Properly brute tea will make you energized.

Plus, it has numerous other benefits. It reduces the risk of cancer and helps to maintain good physics and fresh looking and clear skin, and us to the green tea everyone is already aware of its many advantages among which are the overall improvement of your immune system, stamina, etc.