7 Dangerous Food Combinations that Can Ruin and Damaged your Health

7 Dangerous Food Combinations that Can Ruin and Damaged your Health 1. Sandwiches and Coffee 2. Potatoes with Meat 3. Tomatoes with Cucumber 4. Beer with Nuts 5. Pasta with Minced Meat 6. Dairies with Pineapples 7. Milk with Banana


7. Milk with Banana

This food became very popular among followers of a healthy lifestyle because of its nourishing and fast to prepare, however, it’s not that simple. Combining banana with milk, as a smoothie or milkshake may disturb your digestion process as well as your sleep pattern. Also, different flavors of this products confuse your digestive system and result in different kinds of imbalances.

In fact, some nutritionist strongly believes that fruits, especially sweet ones, should be consumed separately. They stay inside the body longer slowing down the digestive system especially when eaten with other food.

As for milk, it is healthier if you drink it separately. Instead of drinking a banana milkshake or smoothie, just use the banana as a snack between major meals. Banana’s on their own have tons of positive influence in your health. First of all, they’ll make you happier, as they contain the vitamin B9, which helps fighting depression and anxiety. At the same time, they improved your sleep pattern, stabilized your blood sugar and boost your energy. Plus, eating banana between meals will reduce the possibility of consuming unhealthy junk foods and have an overall good effect on your system and body