1. Honey Can Clear Your Skin

Even if you probably heard that sweat things makes your skin look and feel healthy. Opening the pores and making it oiler, it does and refers to honey, if you don’t eat a container every day that is. In fact, in reasonable quantities, honey can be very beneficial, it is an excellent antioxidant which means its regular consumption will cleanse your body a various toxin. Also, its antibacterial properties will considerably improve the condition of your skin.

You may not only enjoy the spoon full once a day to make your skin glow. Try to apply honey externally, you can use it as a moisturizer, light scrub or a cleanser or even a treatment for acne. To make a moisturizing mask you will need to take 1 teaspoon of honey (only raw) and spread on your dry and clean skin. Let it stay this way for about 15minutes and then rinse it away with slightly warm water.

The things are honey has a quality which allows it to absorbed moisture from the air and transfers it from the skin and your face receives the hydration that lasts longer and stays in the layers of the skin where it is most needed. If you want to make an exfoliator, take one tablespoon of baking soda and two tablespoons of honey. Mix it and carefully rub your damp face with the concoction. Afterward, rinse it all away.

As for acne, apply drops of honey to the areas need attention. Let it be for about 10 minutes. After that, it is ok just rinse it away. Anti-fungal, anti-bacterial properties of honey, as well as its anti-inflammatory effect, ensure that such treatment is effective.