9 Health Benefits of Regular Exercise

9 Health Benefits of Regular Exercise 1. Exercise Enhances Immune System Function 2. Exercise Improves Your Sleep 3. Exercise Provides Better Digestion 4. Exercise Helps Normalize Blood Pressure 5. Exercise Lowers Depression and Improves Mood 6. Exercise Slow down Aging Process 7. Exercise Helps Control Blood Sugar 8. Exercise Prevents Osteoporosis and Osteoarthritis 9. Exercise Promotes Weight Loss


9. Exercise Promotes Weight Loss

Exercise helps reduce obesity. Combined with changes in diet, exercise can help individuals lose weight and keep it at a healthy level. It will also improve the overall condition of the body, especially your most vital parts: the lungs, heart, blood vessels and endocrine system. This will impart added protection to sickness.

Clearly, exercise fulfills the claim of being a wonder remedy. What a pity that it is not more often prescribed or given priority it really deserves.