5 Interesting Facts about Giant Panda

5 Interesting Facts about Giant Panda 1. Giant Pandas Eat and Eat and Eat 2. Pandas Have Quite a Bit Common with Carnivores 3. When They are not Eating Pandas Rest and Rest and Poop and Poop 4. Pandas have Tiny Cubs Because of their Poor Diet 5. Pandas’ Black and White Fur May Help Them Camouflage



Historically, Pandas inhabited a much wider ranged than they do today and face multiple predators, so at the time they may have relied more on their camouflage ability. Today, Pandas are not a high risk from predators but rather from a loss of bamboo. The good news that a Giant Panda reservations status was recently upgraded from endangered from vulnerable. An estimate from 800 to 1850 Pandas remain in the wild in China and increase in 17 percent over the past decades.

However, Pandas still face significant threats tide closely to their food source.  Human development has driven Pandas into isolated fragmented mountain regions restricting their access to bamboos. Additionally, climate changes threaten to eliminate more than a third of a bamboo habitat Pandas rely on by the end of the century