Hidden Meaning and Interpretation of the Moles in Your Body

Do you want to Know Hidden Meaning and Interpretation of the Moles in Your Body 1. Mole on the Temples 2. Mole Between the Eyebrows 3. Mole Between the Eye and the Eyebrow 4. Mole on the Upper Lip 5. Mole on the cheekbone 6. Mole on the Chin 7. Mole on the Ear 8. Moles on the Neck 9. Moles on the back 10. Moles in the Arms 11. Moles in the Palm of Your Hand 12. Moles in the feet



If you have twin moles or any other part of your body it means that you are a complicated dual personality, you like to question things and to look at your options. You will think twice before taking any decisions. It is not only the location of moles but also their shape and color that matter.

If you have round moles you prefer keeping things calm and peaceful. You are sweet and good to others and like to look for compromised. Oblong moles promise their owner some a good fortune in the future. You will make it yourself, so would promise some hard works involved too.

By the way, the shape of your mole is not the only thing that can tell a lot of your personality. If yours are light colored it is considered to be a sign of good luck. Dark almost black mole symbolizes the obstacles you’ll have to overcome on your way to success.

When we speak to dark moles we have to mention the health aspects as well. Many people believe that they are dangerous and indicate serious deceases like cancer. It is not always so! Moles can deep in throughout teen years or during pregnancy but, it is a good idea to get them check by a doctor anyway.