Hidden Meaning and Interpretation of the Moles in Your Body

Do you want to Know Hidden Meaning and Interpretation of the Moles in Your Body 1. Mole on the Temples 2. Mole Between the Eyebrows 3. Mole Between the Eye and the Eyebrow 4. Mole on the Upper Lip 5. Mole on the cheekbone 6. Mole on the Chin 7. Mole on the Ear 8. Moles on the Neck 9. Moles on the back 10. Moles in the Arms 11. Moles in the Palm of Your Hand 12. Moles in the feet


2. Mole Between the Eyebrows


The area between the eyebrows is the career sector of your face. A mole here means professional development and promotion. New exciting career opportunities and higher salary will be all yours. You won’t stop growing as a professional which is seen as a great and ambitious destiny for many.

If you prefer the quiet comfort of your own home, it might mean you might find something to work at without even going to the office like blogging, painting and baking the best doughnuts in the world. By the way if you are a young adult and don’t have it just remember there’s still hope you will get a mole between the eyebrows because they keep developing throughout our lives but mostly during childhood and teenage years. As we grow older they might fade away.