Sunlight is a Miracle Drug: 13 Health Benefits of Sun Exposure

Sunlight is a Miracle Drug: 13 Health Benefits of Sun Exposure 1. Sunlight Makes the Bone and Muscle Strong 2. Sunlight Destroys and Kills harmful Bacteria 4. Sunlight is an Inexpensive Painkiller 3. Sunlight Strengthens the Body’s Immune System 5. Sunlight Increase Physical Energy and Agility 6. Sunlight Helps to Lower Blood Pressure 7. Sunlight Lower the Blood Sugar for Diabetic 8. Sunlight Improves Your Mood and Makes You a Happier Person 9. Sunlight Help to Decrease Blood Cholesterol Level 10. Sunlight is Good and Beautifies Your Skin 11. Sunlight Helps Heal the Wound Faster 12. Sunlight Destroys Many Poisonous Chemicals 13. Sunlight is Important in Your Home What are the Harmful Effects of Too Much Exposure to the Sun? Importance and Danger of Using Sunscreen Lotion


Every living thing in our world is dependent upon the sun. Without sunshine, nothing could live. Sunlight is a miracle drug which is an essential factor in overall good health that is missing nutrient in our life.

Many people have the habit of hiding from the sun under an umbrella or a hat. It is true that too much sunshine darkens the skin and contributes to skin cancer. But moderate amounts of sunlight at least 10 to 15 minutes daily will offer great benefits that many people don’t know.